5 Lasserre is situated in a small hamlet, which belongs to Moulon village. All stone houses are antique. We are on the top of a hill and have a wonderful panoramic view over the Libourne area and Saint Emilion village. The other houses of the hamlet are situated behind ours. The oldest part of our building is from the 17th century. During the ages, other buildings were added to the first one. The result is an original mix of Gironde style house, domestic extensions and farm houses. The village kitchen was part of these buildings until early 20th century. In the 1950s, the farm stopped his main activity, and the vineyards around were sold.
We have installed the guest rooms in the racing stable and in the village kitchen.

Vallée de la Dordogne

Moulon is a beautiful village in the guaranteed vintage wine area “BORDEAUX”, and “BORDEAUX SUPERIEUR” for red wine, “ENTRE DEUX MERS” for white wine. It is on the way of one of the organized tours of Saint-Emilion’s Tourist Office, with the tower of Ansouhait from the middle age. Wine growing is the main activity of the village. The vineyard are covering 650 hectares area, which groups together about 30 “châteaux”.